What Is An Over/Under or Total in Sports Betting? – The Action Network

If you’ve ever seen someone not rooting for a particular team and just cheering for points instead, they’ve probably bet on a total.

A total, also known as an over/under, is a bet on the amount of points both teams will combine to score in a game.

As a bettor, you’re trying to predict whether the total score will go over or under a pre-determined amount. You’re not trying to guess the exact number.

Totals are among the most popular wagering options in sports betting, behind point spreads and moneylines.

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  1. Over/Under Examples
  2. How To Make an Over/Under Bet
  3. How Much Do You Make?
  4. How Are Totals Made?
  5. Better to Bet Overs or Unders?

Over/Under Examples

DraftKings set the over/under at 52 for Chiefs vs. Titans in the 2020 AFC Championship Game.

Bettors had the option to wager on the total points in the game going over or under 52.

The Chiefs won 35-24 — a total of 59 points — putting the game over the total. Anyone who wagered on the over won their bet. Anyone on the under lost.

If this game landed exactly at 52 points, it’s called a push and all bets are refunded.

Over/unders come in all shapes and sizes — you can wager on the