Las Vegas has come to your mobile phone – VegasSlots

  • Since
    the US Supreme Court overturned the law that prohibited sports betting in 2018,
    online gambling has grown fast. 
  • Today,
    people don’t have to fly to Las Vegas to experience gambling because they can get
    all they want through their mobile phones.
  • The
    recent move by Caesars to buy William Hill was also a plus to the online sports
    betting industry.
  • These
    developments in the US come as regulators continue to restrict gambling in European

The days of soldiers carrying heavy tables to play dice
ended a long time ago. Today, mobile gambling is simpler.

Las Vegas-based Caesars Entertainment Inc. this week agreed a $3.7 billion takeover of William Hill, the UK chain. Caesars isn’t a secret admirer of British bookmaking. The company wants William Hill’s precious US online sports betting operation. It may sell off the purchased company’s UK shops.

That was quite a plus. For years, US casinos seldom opened outside Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Indian tribal islands. Moreover, sports betting was unlawful. However, that has changed recently.

Gambling on sporting events, especially online, is growing fast in the US, thanks to the Supreme Court’s overturning of the law prohibiting the activity back in 2018.

Nevertheless, the William Hill deal and a rise in profits
at the 888, an online gambling group, due to lockdown poker playing has
revealed something more important than the end of the exceptional nature of the

The mobile Internet makes betting easy and removes location
and time barriers. You don’t have to fly to Vegas: just let it come