Germany: Visa Card Payments Unavailable for Online Gambling –

Visa has warned all of its banks and payment processor partners in Germany that it will discontinue its services regarding payments to and from illegal online gambling websites, claims a recent story in the German media outlet NDR.

Online Gambling Still Illegal

Online gambling in most of its forms in Germany is illegal according to the third amendment of the State Treaty on Gambling, with the exception of sports betting and the state-run lotteries, as well as within the geographic constraints of the Schleswig-Holstein province where there is a special law that allows it.

Despite the illegal status of online casinos, a lot of offshore operators are actively present on the German gambling market, channeling players towards their product offerings. As their operations are based outside of the country, the gaming regulatory body feels powerless to stop them, and instead chose another way to deal with the situation by cutting off their money supply at the source.

Efforts in this direction dated back to last summer, when the gaming regulator, the Ministry of the Interior and Sport in Lower Saxony, issued a blocking order against one of the biggest payment providers, Paypal, forcing the operator to abandon the German market. Recently, the regulator issued a second blocking order to an unnamed payment processor, warning that more restriction orders were in the works.

Visa Payment Options Officially Removed

Most of the offshore casino operators already reacted to the warning by Visa, removing the deposit and